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I Can't Decide If I'm For Or Against Adele Yelling at a Fan To Stop Recording Her During a Concert And To Just Enjoy The Show In Real Life


I’ve sat here and pondered this for the better part of the day, and I can’t choose what side I’m on. Here are the two arguments:

Adele’s side: She’s up there pouring her life and soul into performing, and all the audience is worried about is getting their Snap Story or Instagram video up. She’s crying into the mic and the crowd is just trying to get RTs and likes on social media. I could see that being pretty shitty. Back in the day you would take a pic or 2 with your disposable camera and really enjoy the show. Ever since smart phones and then social media came about, freaking everyone seems to have their phones out at shows the entire time. We’re all guilty of it, but yeah, it’s pretty annoying.

Crowd using their cameras side: You paid good money for those tickets, you should be able to film the show as you damn well please. Yeah you’re there in person, but what if you want to watch it again at home? Who doesn’t like filming their favorite song so they can show their friends and family later? Or just watch it a year later and relive the concert? When you think about it, it’s actually incredible that you can go to a live show and rewatch it later in the palm of your hand.


I truly see this both ways. I think if I had to decide though, I am on Adele’s side of this. But only because concerts as a whole would be more fun if everyone had to put their phones away and just live in the moment. Everyone with their phones out the entire time does take away from the atmosphere of the show, no doubt about it. I don’t fault people for wanting to film their favorite songs at all. Concerts of your favorite bands/singers can be an amazing experience that you want to be able to record and remember for years to come. The best compromise would be if they could say “everyone has 10 minutes of recording time each, budget it throughout the show however you’d like”. Since that’s not possible, I think I have to say I’m team Adele here, but even while typing this sentence I want to flip-flop and be on team you paid for tickets, do what you want. It’s a tough call, but again, concerts without everyone trying to impress their friends on Twitter would generally be better for all of us.