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I Love That Steve Weatherford Went Full Hardo At Planet Fitness


I never thought I would defend a meathead making a video like this, but here we are. Not that Steve Weatherford and his 100 pack abs need my fat ass coming to his aid. But nonetheless I will. We can’t start breathe shaming the fit people of this country. If that means that I get fat shamed more, so be it. Weatherford is the most badass punter the NFL has seen since Reggie Roby was rocking a gold watch back in the day. The guy just wants to get his savage on. Why do the Planet Fitness people have to give him shit? Even though I truly don’t want to, I guess that means I have to boycott Planet Fitness and all other gyms just to support my boy Steve. And while I am the furthest thing from a gym expert, I imagine pissing off someone with a maniacal laugh that also has a body like this is bad for business.


If you had told me that Steve Weatherford owned his own gym like basically every single person that ever won a season of The Challenge on MTV, I would believe you. Dude is sculpted. He seems above Planet Fitness and other gyms that the common man would go to. Probably just goes to mingle with the real #gritty people of the country. If there is anything I know about Steve Weatherford, it’s that he is just like any Giants fan I have ever met. Or at least his reaction was after good ol’ Larry Tynes kicked us to another Super Bowl (I also just wanted an excuse to watch this video another 100 times).


h/t Smitty