Predators Admit They Can't Stop Blackhawks Fans From Dominating Their Arena So Now They're Trying To Limit Ticket Sales



(Source) Blackhawks fans heading to catch the defending Stanley Cup champions in Nashville next season are going to have a hard time getting tickets. At least the Predators hope so. According to a report from Section 303, the Predators are instituting a few measures to ensure that the fans buying tickets aren’t the ones planning a road trip from Chicago. Fans, regardless of their affiliation, won’t be allowed to purchase single-game tickets to any of the three games between the Blackhawks and Predators in Nashville. They’ll be forced to buy tickets to a second game. And, during the pre-sale period, zip-code restrictions will be implemented. “For Blackhawks games, we want to make sure that we preserve this building as much as we can for those who live in Smashville,” said Predators president and chief operating officer Sean Henry.

“What it’s going to do by forcing another game is we’ll almost direct it toward people that live in the general area, for the most part. And (for the pre-sale) only those in the zip codes that we unlock can buy the Blackhawk game and a second game. So we’re breaking down every barrier we can to Keep the Red Out.” Henry and the Predators seem hell bent on avoiding scenes from last season, when Bridgestone Arena was filled with red-sweatered Blackhawks fans. Of course, all their plans could crumble if Blackhawks fans remain persistent.


How fucking cute is Smashville, sorry, Nashville. First it was the Bears game last year when I’m pretty sure 90% of the crowd was from Chicago. Then it was that same weekend when we literally drank their town dry. Not figuratively, Nashville literally ran out of beer. And now this. The Predators coming out and saying Blackhawks fans own us. They own our lives. Every time we play them they come down and sleep with our women, sit in our seats, and drink all our beer and there is NOTHING we can do about it. I don’t know about everyone else but just admitting that is pathetic. Like it’s one thing to have this happen, Chicago fans might travel better than any fan base in the country, but to come out and admit that you’re getting face fucked and there’s nothing you can do about it? Have a little pride in yourself Smashville. Jesus.