If Anyone Else In The World Does The Steph Curry Stare Down Of Ibaka Last Night They Get Called Cocky Right?




I don’t actually hate Steph Curry, it’s not real hate in my heart by a long shot, but I’m forced to hate him because it feels like no one else will and all the internet does is suck him off at every single turn. That was such a cocky move last night. Anyone else in the league does that and they’re getting called a cocky asshole. Lebron does it and it’s World War III. Steph does it and it’s “Oh My God, Steph Curry is the best, he’s sooooo coool”. It sucks we’ve gotten to this point. I love watching Steph play basketball. I love watching the Warriors when they get cooking and do their 3 point Bukakke on teams, but if everyone doesn’t cool it with the over the top Steph love, I’m going to have to start hating him for real. We need order and balance in this world. Did people love the kid who got an A on every test in school? How about if he got an A on every test then flexed, stared at you, and chewed on his mouthguard as he walked by? Exactly. Let me just enjoy Steph for being awesome, let’s not devote hours to his pregame warmups and every single move he makes. Steph isn’t making me hate him, people loving Steph to a disgusting level is what’s making me hate him and I hate that in itself.





I know the natural reaction will be but MJ was cocky, or Larry Bird or Magic. Yes, they all were very cocky. They all also didn’t play in a time where we have intimate knowledge about every aspect of a player’s life. Social media over exposes these guys for better and sometimes worse. That’s just the reality of 2016. It’s impossible to compare the times when it comes to public perception of superstars.


Also totally unbiased but I bet MJ handles social media like a boss in 2016. Still one of the best lines when someone asked him why he doesn’t get involved in political debates. “Republicans buy sneakers too”. He knew what was up even back then.