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Seahawks DE Michael Bennett Comes Off The Top Rope On Sam Bradford

And he ain’t wrong. When you’re paid that kind of money in any profession you shut up and work. No questions asked. It doesn’t matter if this was the fault of Bradford, his agent, or the Eagles (easily a healthy combination of all three), this situation got real fucked, real fast. And unfortunately it doesn’t matter what happens between now and opening day vs. the Browns, the lunch pail Philly fans have all turned against Sam Bradford. Personally I think he’s out of here sometime after June 1st when his cap hit goes down from $11 to $5.5 million. There’s very little he can do to come back from what has happened. What a damn shame. There’s no defending Bradford for how this entire thing went down. If he gets a shot to take the field in midnight green then winning will fix EVERYTHING and then some, but I don’t see it.

Oh, and Darren Sproles is now holding out of OTA’s, too.

I’m not against getting value for a 32-year-old RB/Returner, but he’s still a pretty damn good RB/Returner in a backfield riddled with injured players and inexperience. Now it looks like the RB core will revolve around Ryan Matthews, Kenjon Barner, and rookie Wendell Smallwood. I just hope this team knows what they’re doing and are not simply pissing into the wind.