Bryce Was On The Tonight Show Last Night And Took Gigi Hadid Home With Him


If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying. What a performance by Bryce Harper last night on the Tonight Show. That was truly an MVP performance. The thing about Catchphrase is it doesn’t matter if they actually get the word right, what matters is if you lie and say they get the word right. That audience tried to nark but it didn’t matter, as Jimmy was too busy jumping around fake laughing to care. And besides, what really is the difference between a s’more and a marshmallow anyway?

It’s really cool that Bryce has propelled himself to superstar status to the point he now makes appearances on the Tonight Show. And he stole the show when Gigi Hadid was in the house, no easy task. Didn’t hurt that she was dripping for him the entire time. She must have heard what he did with Nina Agdal and wanted a taste of that too. Sources tell me (no sources tell me) he plowed her once at his place, and once back in the cab. Damn, sluts!