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Wake Up With Matt Holiday Going Deep Twice Against the Angels

If I’m a Cardinals fan, I’m sick and tired of hearing about how great the Cubs are. They are great; don’t get me wrong. Anyone who says that they aren’t is an idiot. But the Cardinals have a team in 2016 that’s flying pretty low under the radar. With a +50 run differential, they’ve got the Cubs ahead of them in the NL Central (obviously) at +99, and the Pittsburgh Pirates, who they’re neck-and-neck with for second place, yet they’re only at +8 for the year. St. Louis has played much better than Pittsburgh this year, despite not being able to get any separation in the standings.

The Cardinals have the second best run differential in the National League, and the third best in all of baseball, and they can’t even get sole possession of second place in their own division. Regardless, I still think they’re a postseason team. The NL West stinks, and you’re pretty much guaranteed a Wild Card team out of the NL East between the Mets and the Nationals. The Phillies are 5 games over .500 right now, but their -27 run differential would indicate that they probably won’t be hanging around for the duration of the season.