Sonya Curry Just Shaking What Her Mama Gave Her With Someone That Is Definitely Not Dell Curry

How am I supposed to go to sleep after watching Mama Curry shaking it like a snake? This is why games can’t be played at 1:15 AM ET. Forget about missing 17-point overtime performances by Steph. As the songbird of a generation Steven Tyler once said, when it comes to Sonya swinging them hips, “I don’t want to miss a thing.”

And I don’t know who that was in the box with her, but I did not like that pull and hug one bit. Watch those hands, black shirt! Luckily, just as my mind was racing about the NBA’s first family having trouble in paradise, Sister Curry extinguished that fire quickly.



Phew, that was close. I truly don’t think I can handle the mere thought of Mama Curry going through a divorce, even if it meant she would end up back on the market. Curry family crisis averted.

Then again, yikes.




I always thought Dell was a “speak softly and carry a big stick” type of guy. Now I’m starting to think this happy family image was a front for the kids, as well as Curry family diehards like myself. Is everything okay? Do they sleep in different beds? Different houses? This is what I am worrying about instead of sleeping. A pox upon your house, black shirt guy.