Ts And Ps To The Guy That Tried To Fight His Ex's New Boyfriend, Got Suplexed To Hell, And Then Let Out The Saddest Cry Ever AKA "The Karina Video"


There is no woman on Earth worth going through what this guy just went through. I don’t care if your ex is Helen of Troy. Chick-Fil-A is supposed to be a beacon of fried chicken happiness, not the entry ramp to Suplex City. Dude just cracks like an egg the second he hits the floor. And if I know anything about women, that girl definitely gave her boyfriend the ride of his life when they got home. Usually your spicy chicken sandwich with waffle fries and Chick-Fil-A sauce is the best thing to happen to you at a Chick-Fil-A. But this guy just got an all-expense paid trip to Pleasure Town while also killing his rival in the process. It’s like a 21st century version of the song It Was A Good Day.

However, I will say that cry at the end tells you all you need to know about true love. I want to love someone enough to let out a cry like that after her new boyfriend just murdered my body and soul on what I imagine was a freshly mopped floor. And if you told me this guy is still on the floor of this Chick-Fil-A a day later, I would 100% believe you.

And of course #BlackTwitter weighed in with a couple of heaters.





Never ever forget Cinnamon Apple.

“Technically that’s not a suplex, Clem” – People like this guy