If You Say You're Going To Run On The Field If You Get 1,500 Retweets, Get Double The Retweets And Then Pussy Out, You Should Go To Jail Right?

So this happened last night. A kid at the White Sox game sitting in center field thought he would be an internet tough guy. Promised the entire world that if he got 1,500 retweets he would go high five A-Rod in the 7th Inning.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 9.44.28 PM


So what happened? Well of course he got the 1,500 retweets. He got like 3,000 in fact.

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Which clearly then meant, oh shit, he actually just said he was going to do something even though he probably had no intention of doing it. The ultimate coward move.  So naturally he tried to back out citing bail concerns.

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Then tried the angle that someone offered him free tickets to NOT run on the field.

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Then went completely radio silent, didn’t run on the field in the 7th or 8th or 9th and had the balls to tweet this.


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That he is going to run on the field in mid-september. He basically said, I’m going to do X if I get Y, got Y then said oh I also need Z and when that didn’t happen just decided to say it was all postponed until Mid-September when he is feeling like being an attention whore again. So I guess my question is this. The kid technically did nothing illegal. He’s just a kid. But he should go to jail right? At least for a week. I mean I hold zero actual ill will towards him but to finish this entire process and instead of saying “Hey, I was a huge pussy, I own that” he says “Hey, you guys didn’t pay for my bail money so I’m just going to do it later” and then of course deleted all of his tweets. I don’t want to sound drastic here but this is exactly why our society is going in the shitter. Attention whoring, cowardice, and not staying true to your word. Basically the 3 most disgusting things a person can do. So yeah, I think jail, or at least scared straight should happen. Then again the kid is a Lebron fan who wears black socks and flip flops so maybe just living as himself is punishment enough.


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