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We Need To Start Appreciating The Graphics On Random Online Sportsbooks More


Like the wild wild west of advertising. Online sportsbooks where you have an in real life bookie but a place to put in your bets on the internet are the absolute best at this. They know they’re already doing illegal shit so why not just use images and logos that are 100% copyright infringement for their book. Like mine currently has Jackie Robinson trying to get you to bet on baseball with some random cursive tossed in for flare. Makes no sense, is totally illegal, but still awesome.



Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.25.21 PM





So this is my call to you, tweet me your books images when they either try to get super edgy or when their graphics are laughably bad. I feel like there is an entire world out there of guys who flunked out of computer science running some bookie’s website, screwing around with rudimentary graphics and making Delonte West jokes in 2016. That guy needs more shine for the 10 minutes it took to create a “gambling ad” even though you’re already going to bet anyway because that’s the whole reason you’re logging into a random ass website.




This is my other book. NBA, TAKE A SHOT! So sick dude!



Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.28.16 PM


Someone out there thinks they absolutely NAILED this image. How can you not bet on the NBA when a dude is standing on the egde of a building with a burning basketball telling you to take a shot.




Before Dave’s bookie died (RIP) I’m pretty sure he would call in every bet. I have no clue how he kept everything straight in his head. Absolute madness.



h/t lex