If A Car Crashes Into Our Office But Nobody Blogs It Did It Really Happen?







So I guess some lady crashed into our office today in Milton. Literally crashed into the front door. Same lady who basically crashed into our office a few months ago. Crazy ass story right? How did I find out about it? Well Sales Guy took a couple pictures and tweeted it from his personal account. A Stoolie saw it emailed me and asked me if I was gonna yell at Sales Guy for not creating content the same way I yelled at Nate. It’s kind of apples and oranges since Nate is a blogger and Sales guy is not, but I was still fucking furious. The fact nobody in our Boston office was talking about this is INSANE. It never crossed Sales Guy’s mind that this may be a good story for the masses? Like why would a story about a lady literally crashing into our front door for the 2nd time be remotely funny or interesting? Then when I asked why nobody else was talking about it he casually mentions he is the only person at the office. I guess this is what happens when I move to NY and prepare for our next move. Our entire Boston office basically quits and shit like this just gets ignored. I honestly want to fire everybody at that fucking place.  Here is a fact. If I was in Boston a lady crashing into our office for the 2nd fucking time would be the funniest saga of the fucking day, maybe the week, maybe the month. Without me nobody even talks about it. PATHETIC GUYS. PATHETIC. Times are a changing. The free ride is coming to a god damn end.