I Don't Understand People Who Hate Tiger Woods



So when Tiger was imploding yesterday at the British Open twitter and the internet was a flame with people saying how awesome it is watching Tiger fail, how they hate Tiger and root against him every single major. I just don’t get it. Tiger Woods is the ultimate alpha male. Yeah he shouldn’t have cheated on his wife, that was a fucked up thing to do, but other than that what is there to hate? He’s crazy competitive? He wants to win at all costs? He’s one of the best golfer’s of all time? He likes to fuck slutty waitresses and piss on porn stars? I’m still waiting for the bad part. He is exactly what I want from an athlete. I don’t want my athletes to be role models or to give everyone the perfect sound bite, that shit is boring. I want to see a guy who hates everyone he has ever competed against. Who thinks he should win every time he tees off. Who plays hard and parties harder. And yes, I understand that Tiger used to pretend to have a lily white life with a perfect family and a perfect background and that was very two-face of him. But ever since cheating Tiger came out he has sort of not given a fuck and I love that. Not to mention golf is more interesting when Tiger is involved, that’s just a fact.


Am I alone in thinking this? I feel like I am. Like the world is full of Tiger haters now and only a few of us still like him. And I understand the whole argument “He hasn’t won anything in forever”, but if you actually think Tiger won’t win a handful of majors before his career is over then you’re insane. He’ll win another Masters and celebrate at a Hooters in Atlanta, and that’s why I’m a fan.