A Guy Trying To Scam Some Dude Without Kids Into Paying A Ransom For His Son Is Not A Good Fake Kidnapper


Flyheight – “I get a call in my office from a random number. when i answer i hear “Dad, dad, they have me help” . Being that i have no kids, i said “HUH?”. Again they repeat “dad, dad, they have me help!!”. then you hear another voice saying “tie him up, get him in the back”… a second later a different man comes on and says do you want to see your son again.. at this point i realized it was a scam.”


I like this guy’s detective work. “Once that second guy came on and asked if I wanted to see my son who didn’t actually exist again, that was when I fully realized it was a scam.” Otherwise he thought it was a very aggressive wrong number and was willing to ride it out just in case, gotta play it safe when in an impromptu imaginary hostage negotiation, nobody wants to see Lennay Kekua’s head in a bag.


But overall the main thing I liked about the video (besides all the incompetence) is how these fake kidnappers were willing to try to get better when the guy revealed that he didn’t have kids and was just messing around. The guy was kind of a dick saying the kidnapper should kill his family and also that his mother was a whore because the kidnapper just wanted to improve. How can you begrudge someone for seeking honest feedback and hoping to get better? Especially because the guy didn’t actually kidnap anyone and was in fact pretty awful at hiding that fact. At least give him more real-sounding info like “Talk with a clothesline pin on your nose” or “Put on a pretentious French accent and sound less like a stoned Mexican kid at a gas station because that’s not very believable” so that he at least has something actionable. Or if you don’t want to help at all call the cops maybe since I’m pretty sure fake kidnappings are still a crime. But either way definitely avoid just calling his mother a whore and moving on with your day, that doesn’t help anyone man.