Another Cow Escaped A Slaughterhouse In Queens. This One Ended Up At York College

CBS NY- For the second time this year, a cow busted loose and led cops on a chase in Queens. Officers were called to 160th Street and Liberty Avenue in Jamaica around 10:18 a.m. Friday. Social media went wild with photos and videos of the cow romping around CUNY’s York College campus. The cow was corralled and is now being taken to an Animal Care & Control facility in Brooklyn, 1010 WINS reported. The NYPD told 1010 WINS the cow was being taken off a truck when it escaped. In January, a bovine bolted from the Jamaica-Archer Halal Live Poultry and Meat Market. That cow is living out the rest of its life at New Jersey’s Skylands Animal Sanctuary And Rescue following its daring escape from the slaughterhouse. It is unclear if the cow in Friday’s incident escaped from the same location.

KFC blogged about a cow escaping a Queens slaughterhouse in January and I agreed with his take that the cow earned his freedom. And as the article says, that cow was indeed granted his freedom at an animal sanctuary. But I don’t think you can let the second cow off the hook. Because whoever is in charge of that slaughterhouse is probably the laughingstock for all the animals speaking in their secret animal language to each other like the dogs in Homeward Bound. Get fooled once, shame on the cow. Get fooled twice, shame on you slaughterhouse manager guy.

Now this is likely some sort of inside job going on. Maybe a sex for freedom barter system or something. I’m not really sure. But if you are in charge of that slaughterhouse, you need to clamp down and channel your inner Warden Norton from Shawshank. Put that cow’s head on a spike along with a couple of its steaks on a grill for all of the other animals to see. And the guard that was working today? Put his head on a spike as well. Gotta send a message to humans and animals alike. Let the guards know that no cow pussy is worth that sort of punishment.

And I love the York College students’ reactions to the cow. Seeing anything outside of the rodent, bird, or insect family can blow a city resident’s mind. My brother-in-law grew up in NYC and the first time he saw a deer in the suburbs, he thought it was a squirrel. Which in turn blew my mind.

Finally, even though I used it earlier this week, I couldn’t pass up on using the Bovine University video again for this story.