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Sour Shoes' Impression of Mad Dog On The Dan Patrick Show Is MONEY

I know Sour Shoes crushes impressions. Its not breaking news. And I feel like by this point I had to have heard him do Russo before. But goddam this one today is spot fucking on. His Mike one and Imus and Bobby V were OK. Definitely sounded like them but you could easily tell it was someone doing an impression. I legit dont think I could tell the difference if you played me Russo clips and Sour Shoes clips. Its not just the voice either. Its the delivery and the style of conversation. Its so fucking accurate its nuts. Even when he got animated and was screaming- its still, to a T, how Mad Dog’s meltdowns go.

I’ve never quite understood people that can do impressions like this. Their ears and their brains can just tell their vocal chords how to sound exactly like someone else? That shit fascinates me.