The Only Thing Worse Than Being A Professional Magician Is When A Trick Doesn't Work During A Live Show

DailyMail- Fans were left baffled when one of Dynamo’s tricks appeared to go ‘horribly wrong’ at his star-studded London show last night. The illusionist had called audience member Tom Davidson, 20, onto the stage at the O2 where he magicked the supermarket worker’s phone into a bottle, before getting another fan to call the mobile and prove it was Tom’s. However, to Dynamo’s annoyance, the phone did not ring, leaving audience members questioning if the trick was real as Tom was sent back to his seat with the gadget still encased in the bottle. Now, MailOnline can reveal that the phone remaining trapped was all part of the show, while Tom confirmed that the mobile in the bottle was his, but poor signal inside the venue had rendered it silent. The phone was later returned to him, complete with a video message from the magician himself.



Classic. All due respect to Phil Dunphy but magic is dumb and it also scares the shit outta me. I don’t like when people are able to do sleight of hand shit right in front of my big dumb face. Like, magic isn’t real, so everything they’re doing is playing off the fact that I’m not smart enough to understand what’s actually happening. It drives me crazy. So watching that professional magician screw up during a live show ON HIS FIRST NIGHT ON TOUR brought me true joy. Somebody call Tom’s phone! I have no doubt that’s probably Tom’s phone but it turns out the cell reception in a bottle ain’t great. Maybe work those kinks out in rehearsal, Dynamo (of course his name is Dynamo). Yeah you can trick humans but what happens when you try to trick technology? You fail. You’d never see that happen to David Blaine. Also, did he just send Tom back to his seat with his phone still in the bottle? That was the craziest part. If I’m Tom I’m smashing that bottle on the seat in front of me ASAP so I can check Twitter.