Andrew Miller Has A Chip Fracture In His Wrist

We wanted to hear that it was just a bruise but in my expert medical opinion, things could be much worse. If this was Miller’s left arm we would be in big trouble. In that case we would be looking at probably 2+ months with a rehab stint, in order to get his arm back. Even after all of that he may not even have rebounded that quick.

Now I’m not telling Andrew Miller what to do here. Unless he reads this, then I am telling him what to do. Miller should get a lightweight cast and be ready to go in 2 weeks or so. I have done extensive research* into this type of injury and it seems totally plausible for Miller to play like this. Normal recovery is 4 weeks in a cast and 2 weeks of rest.

All throws back to the pitcher are light or he just figures out a Jim Abbott one glove situation and we’re good to go.

*I did a Google search and read the shortest thing I could find.