Some Kid Tries To Punk Tom Brady On Twitter, Ends Up Posting A Picture Of Tom Looking As Beautiful As Ever

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I’m not even going to bother making fun of this dorky looking kid, or calling him disrespectful, like people tend to do on the internet these days. This is part of playing in the NFL or being a public figure: sometimes people will pretend to like you in order to get a picture then bash you behind your back. I get that and I’m sure Tom Brady gets that. Once this got posted Tom Brady kept being Tom Brady and Ian Servantes kept being Ian Servantes, I’m sure Tb12 is unbothered.



What I DO want to talk about is Tom Brady’s hair.


Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 3.38.32 PM



Friends, am I crazy in saying that’s the best it has ever looked? It’s simply stunning. Tom Brady has gone through a lot of different hair phases in his career. He’s had boy’s regular, Bieber, fauxhawk, animal man, and everything in between. But nothing’s compared to this. That’s Super Bowl hair. That’s MVP hair. That’s GOAT hair. It’s true what they say, do some surfing in Costa Rica and you’re guaranteed to come back with the most gorgeous, sea sprayed, surfer shag that’s ever been seen on planet earth. Almost 40 and he still gets better and hotter every year, Tom Brady continues to defy all logic.