Klay Thompson Celebrated a Steph Curry 3 Early To Hilarious Results


I love it. Klay was doing what the Warriors do, celebrating Steph’s splashes before the ball even leaves his hands. Never in a million years did anyone, especially Klay who knows Steph’s tendencies better than anyone in the world, expect him to pass on that open 3. So Klay was just getting back on defense a bit early and the ball came flying at his leg. I cannot imagine his shock at Curry passing up that look. Made for a pretty funny play, even Steve Kerr laughed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 1.01.17 AM

We’ve seen them do this for the better part of the season and they do it with surprisingly good accuracy. Even when they celebrate early in Steph’s face he adjusts and hits it anyway


Steph got those 3 points back at the end of the half anyway, ho-hum burying this shot like it was a free throw.