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This Could Be The Most Embarrassing Billboard In The History Of Advertising

Holy humblebrag. Oh, so you’ve done better than a Flyers team that barely squeaks into the playoffs every season (if that), a Phillies squad coming off 99 losses, an Eagles team that’s hovered in mediocrity since the Super Bowl year, and a Sixers franchise that might as well have been declared dead? Good for you. No offense to the Philadelphia Soul whatsoever. We’re all fans here at Barstool Philly. You gotta love Jaws and Jon Bon Jovi rocked it out when he was in town. Hell, yours truly was about 1.5 seconds faster on his 40 time from making the team. So this is not knocking them. But…come on. This is a major 4 franchise town. You don’t see the Union or the Wings (RIP) stick there dicks in where they don’t belong. And I know it’s skewed a little cause the Soul play way less games than the other 4 teams and only their winning percentage is higher, but I guess you can’t argue with the facts. It’s just life if Philly for the past 10+ years. And to that, we drink. And drink a lot.