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Jim Harbaugh Just Eviscerated Ohio State And Watched Columbus Burn




CBS - Michigan’s spring break practice in Florida continues to be the most talked about thing in college football. Last week, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said he thought the practices were a pretty good idea, adding that the Buckeyes would look into the possibility for next year. Meyer’s athletic director, Gene Smith, doesn’t seem so keen on the idea and even threw shade at Michigan when asked about it on Tuesday.
“If we were jump-starting our program, I’d probably try that, too,” he said, per Ben Axelrod.


I LOVE IT. And it’s not even because Harbaugh burned Columbus to the ground with that tweet. Its not because he eviscerated the AD. It’s not because he ripped Gene Smith’s lungs out and watched him bleed on the ground. Nope it’s because if there is one thing I’ve learned about Jim Harbaugh it’s that he only talks shit when he knows he can back it up. He didn’t say a god damn peep about Ohio State this entire season. Never talked shit. Never guaranteed victory. Was polite in defeat. He was a gracious loser. He complimented the Buckeyes every chance he got. But now the gloves are off. He has a great recruiting class under his belt. He has a year as head coach under his belt. He knows the playing field. He knows how good Ohio State is or isn’t. And now he’s talking shit. He did the same exact thing at Stanford before he beat USC. He knows when it’s time to shut up and he knows when it’s time to talk. He only talks when he knows he can back it up. #prayforohio.