Cincinnati Bro Arrested For Breaking Into His Old High School In Nothing But Spiderman Underwear




CINCINNATI - A man was arrested Sunday morning after law enforcement officials say he vandalized Moeller High School in his underwear. Thomas Williams, 23, was arrested after he allegedly broke windows with rocks and deployed several fire extinguishers inside the school, located at 9001 Montgomery Rd.

The investigation report filed by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office indicates Williams entered the school through one of the broken windows. The same report describes the 6-foot-5, 295-pound man as wearing “Spiderman underwear” at the time of his arrest.A motive for the incident and the suspect’s choice of attire have not been determined.Williams faces breaking and entry and felony vandalism charges.The investigation is ongoing.


Everyone is reading this story saying what a crazy asshole. Who wears spiderman underwear past the age of 5. Who breaks into their old high school 5 years after they graduated, blah blah blah. Well guess what, the real important piece to this story is one thing and one thing only. Scott Van Pelt’s long lost obese brother has lost some significant weight and besides the B&E, seems to be getting his life back on track, and for that we should all be proud.


h/t nick