I Assume Tiger Woods Reads Barstool So Here's Some Motivation For You Pal


Us Magazine- Bunny slope lovebirds! Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, appears to be back together with her former beau Chris Cline. The Swedish former model was spotted cozying up to the coal tycoon billionaire in St. Moritz in Switzerland on Tuesday, March 8. The pair braved the cold weather together as they bundled up in snow jackets and goggles. They posed for photographs and kissed each other several times on the cheek and lips.




This blog is for Tiger. It’s not about Tiger. It’s for him since I assume he hangs on every word in every blog that Barstool posts. Are you gonna take this, Eldrick? A nasty coal billionaire smooching all over your ex-wife on the slopes? The mother of your children? I sure hope not. And you can preach to the media how you and Elin are on good terms now after the divorce and how you’re friends and how it’s all about the kids now. BULLSHIT. You’re still obsessed with Elin. Anybody with a brain knows it. Lindsey Vonn was a fling. It was never ever serious.  And you got the whole sleeping-with-a-thousand-blonde-porn-stars outta your system long ago. You don’t love them hoes. But Elin was the real deal and you want her back.  This blog is strictly for motivation. You have somehow become the underdog and everybody loves a redemption story. Especially ex-girlfriends and ex-wives. Win a few tournaments and Elin’s name will pop up on your caller ID. Guaranteed . So keep grinding. Keep hustling. Everybody loves a comeback.  Don’t make a comeback for the fans. Don’t do it for the game of golf. Don’t even do it for me. Do it to get Elin back.


(Tiger, stop reading now)


PS- How much a fucking gold digger is Elin though?  Is she serious? I would never say this to Tiger but I don’t trust her at all.  Anybody who jumps from almost-billionaire to billionaire is nothing but a money grubbing whore. Fact. She was a NANNY before she met Tiger. Now she thinks she’s in such a different tax bracket than everybody else that she wouldn’t dare date anybody worth less than a billion dollars. Where does she get the ego? At the very least she could’ve fake dated a normal guy for a few months after Tiger to pretend she wasn’t the gold digger that she clearly is. But no, the Yoko Ono of sports broke up the best thing in sports because she claimed to not know Tiger was cheating on her. Girl please. Don’t insult our intelligence. She knew the score. She knew Tiger was stepping out on the road. It’d be weird for a guy in Tiger’s position not to do that. She knew. But no. She acted shocked that fateful Thanksgiving night in 2009 when she “found out” Tiger liked to piss on blonde porn stars, filed for divorce, got a chunk of Tiger’s money and hopped on the dick of the next rich guy she saw. For shame, Elin. Tiger might not see it but I do. My eyes are open wide.