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I Respect Janoris Jenkins For Admitting That He Was Lazy At The End Of Games

Well I guess we can add “Honesty” to Janoris Jenkins’ strengths column, along with athleticism and big play ability when he doesn’t guess wrong and give up a huge touchdown. Just keeping it real and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Because #Mailtime exists for NFL players just like everyone else. Listen, would I like it if Jenkins played as hard from opening kickoff to the last second of the game? Sure. But I think it’s hard to blame the guy. I don’t know one person that happily watched the end of a Rams game the last four seasons. Who wants to watch Sam Bradford, Kellen Clemens, Austin Davis, or Nick Foles attempt a failed comeback? Certainly not the guy that has to then play defense after another backbreaking INT or three-and-out. And the Edward Jones Dome is one of those stadiums that always comes across MUCH worse on television. It’s like 50% darker than any other stadium in the league. How the hell is that even possible? The only time I would turn off the RedZone Channel is when a Rams game would weasel its way onto there because all the other games were at commercial. Sure they have those sexy throwback jerseys and last year had Todd Gurley. But Rams games are to NFL games what Tori was to Saved By The Bell characters. Not terrible but instead boring, dull, and forgettable.

Luckily for us Giants fans, Big Blue was the epitome of a strong closing team last season. Mo Rivera didn’t have shit on them. If they had a lead under two minutes, you could just pencil pen in a W and move onto the next week. So that type of intensity should definitely rub off on a cornerback that just got P-A-I-D with the second-highest contract for a DB behind Darrelle Revis. Good times*!