Eddie O Breaks Out The Telestrator On A Kid Eating An Ice Cream Cone And I'm Pretty Uncomfortable




I think it’s safe to say that we’re all ready for playoff hockey. We’ve reached that stir crazy part of the season where it’s all sort of a formality. Obviously home ice is important for the playoffs but I don’t think anyone out there believes it’s absolutely necessary for this Blackhawks team. They can win any time, anywhere. So when we’ve got guys kissing each other and kid’s getting a solid minute on the telestrator eating an ice cream cone, yeah I think we’re there. Eddie O and Pat Foley slowly losing their minds waiting for the playoffs to start. One of those moments where it’s hilarious during, then you take a step back and say to yourself, wait, I just watched a little kid deep throat some frozen yogurt. What the hell is going on here?




Still the best.