Check Out All The Eagles Representatives Getting Their Scout On At The NFL Combine


Hey look! The Eagles sent their College Scouting Director, College Scouting Coordinator, and Player Personell guy to scout the most important event at the NFL combine! Good thing all three of these elite talent evaluators are there so the Birds can really knock this draft out of the park! Oh, wait, they don’t have any one of these jobs filled unlike every single other team in the league. So I guess there’s nobody there to fill those seats. Cute.

That image is honestly hilarious, sad, and so spot on. The incompetence is amazing with this organization right now. Look, I’m not naive enough to think snake Howie isn’t slithering somewhere around there and the Eagles wouldn’t have anyone watching the 40-yard-dash. Obviously they’re there in some capacity probably on the field or in Jeffrey Lurie’s Ivory Tower up above. But they couldn’t send an intern up there to plop his ass down and take some notes? This just sends the wrong message. Be better, everyone.