Vape Life Is The Good Life Until It Explodes In Your Pocket And Gives You Third-Degree Burns

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.13.00 AM



A couple things on E cigs and vaping.  One, you definitely don’t want one to explode in your pocket. That sounds and looks less than pleasant. That’s also a shitty thing to have to explain to the paramedics upon their arrival. What happened sir? “Oh my vape pen blew up in my pocket.” Two, do we know all of the health risks that go along with vaping? I feel like we don’t which makes vaping more dangerous than cigarettes in my head. Like if you smoke cigarettes, you know the risks. We all know the risks. Your insides are going to become black gobbledygook and it’ll eventually kill you. It takes years and a large number of cigarettes to kill you. But they taste so good when your drunk so whatever. E cigs though? They haven’t been around long enough for us to know their long term effects. Better the devil you know-type of thing. For most of the 1900s people didn’t think cigarettes were bad for you. How do we know that vape pens don’t give you cancer after 10 uses? We don’t. So on top of looking like a real asshole, and risking an explosion in your pocket, there’s also the chance it gives you an aggressive form of cancer we’ve never heard of before. Hard pass.


And anyway, vaping is dead and here’s the picture that killed it



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