Of Course Khloe Kardashian Had To State OJ Simpson Tried To Commit Suicide In Her Room And Not Kim's

Of course. Really? Definitely cleared the air with that one. God forbid that attention whore Kim tries to steal any of Khloe’s shine. OJ had a mental breakdown and almost blew his brains out in KHLOE’S room, not her older sister’s. And the sad part is, I don’t even think she means to be pretentious by the comment. She’s probably just stating the fact. I’m just taking it that way because I can’t stand one single thing her and any of her family members (not 18-21) represent. I’m assuming Khloe is using a tragedy to market her own brand, and I’m most likely assuming correctly.

The obvious irony of everything is if OJ Simpson (or someone…sure) didn’t gruesomely commit a double murder in the ’90’s, the Kardashians would seize to exist today. Well, outside of the tabloids for being Z-Listers as the hoochies riding random rapper and basketball dick, but that’s far and away from making $200 MILLION off an app game of Kim Kardashian going around shopping her tits off. Only in America.