Donald Trump Says He Wants To Punch A Protestor In The Face

Everyone is so concerned about how Trump is going to make America look if he’s the President, but maybe we’re thinking about it the wrong way? Maybe instead of an embarrassment…it could be an asset?

I mean I get it, diplomacy is the ideal course of action. You want to keep relationships with foreign countries strong and keep the lines of communication open. But sometimes the threat of a big old punch to the face is the best negotiating tactic. Sometimes the thought of the American President reaching across the table and mollywhopping you with a hammer haymaker is as valuable as the toughest political talk.

Just saying, think we’d have a lot easier time with Putin, Khameni, Rouhani etc. if in the back of their mind they knew they were dealing with a total loose cannon who just might smash their nose and scatter their teeth across the floor. Something for the voters to think about.

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