There Are People On The Gronk Party Cruise Who Didn't Know They Signed Up For The Gronk Party Cruise



(Globe)There were also plenty of cruisers who had no idea that good-time Gronkowski was among them. The Norwegian Pearl holds more than 2,300 passengers, but only 700 of them were part of Gronk’s cruise. The rest thought they were on the boat for an ordinary vacation to the Bahamas. Non-Gronk fans interviewed said they were unfazed by the shenanigans; in fact, some of them enjoyed the additional color. Visiting from Atlanta, Sue Fritz was on board with her husband and mother-in-law and admitted she wasn’t too interested in sports. “I’ve been telling my husband, ‘John, take a picture!’ ” Fritz said Friday afternoon. “Hey, the more drunk people there are to laugh at, the better for me.”



This has to be illegal, right? The people of the Norwegian Pearl absolutely must have broken the law when they took on 1,600 extra passengers and never made them aware that their weekend was going to be full of Monster shirts, Zubaz, and LMFAO. I’m kinda kidding but I’m also totally serious, I feel like you absolutely must be legally obligated to tell people that their pleasant Bahamas cruise is also a Rob Gronkowski party ship. It’s like if a house is haunted or there was a grisly murder then the realtor has to tell you, well if a cruise ship is gonna be loaded with meatheads then the boat has to tell you.


But, I guess at the end of the day cruises are for white trash so maybe the Norwegian Pearl figured “Hey if they’re on a vacation on a boat then they’re not gonna give a fuck. Only thing lamer they could do would be to go on a vacation to a water park.”