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106-Year-Old Lady Loses Her Mind When She Finally Meets The Obamas



Granny breaking it down! First of all, that’s a pretty great video.  Lady waits her whole damn life, 106 years to be exact, to meet the first black president and it finally happens. Cool moment. We can all only hope to be that active at 106 or even 56.  Second, why did it take her so long to get a meeting with Obama? That’s the part I don’t get. She’s been in her 100s for most of his presidency. He’s in the last year of his presidency now.  Feel like he should’ve squeezed in the meeting with the 100-year-old woman sooner than that. Like year 2 or year 3. Whenever she turned 100, she should’ve got a meeting. She’s not getting any younger. Also, and I don’t know if this will cause black helicopters and drones to circle my house or not, but Michelle Obama does it for me. Just seems like a good time and a half. If you guys don’t hear from me after this blog that means Barack had me thrown in Gitmo. YOLO.