Shia LaBeouf's Latest Performance "Art" Project Is Riding In An Elevator For 24 Hours Straight

BBC- Actor Shia LaBeouf is occupying a lift in Oxford as part of an “arts performance”. Billed as a 24-hour stint in the lift, in reality the Transformers star is actually allowed out to answer the call of nature. He will also be emerging to speak at the Oxford Union on Friday evening. The Hollywood star began his stint in the lift at 09:00 GMT with friends and art collaborators Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner. After the debate at the Oxford Union later, the trio will continue occupying the lift in Gloucester Green, until 09:00 on Saturday. The event, called #ELEVATE, is being streamed on YouTube.



Okay so this isn’t just a phase anymore. Shia LaBeouf is just going to be a complete and total whack job until he does a performance art piece where he hangs himself from a bridge. I hate hate hate that he’s allowed to cop out and call this shit art. Every actual artist in the world should be pissed every time Shia does shit like this. Because if he wasn’t Shia LaBeouf from Even Stevens, he wouldn’t be getting any attention for this whatsoever. If he hadn’t been in a bunch of movies, and didn’t have a public career, we would just be calling this guy another bum. Actually, we wouldn’t even being doing that. We wouldn’t be talking about him at all cause this shit is so fucking stupid. Like I could go lay on the front steps of my apartment complex for 48 hours, call it art and no one would give a shit. But star in a couple Transformers movies and people will watch you stand in an elevator for 24 hours. It’s madness. Fuck Shia.


PS- Bring back Even Stevens.  I’m telling you, do it. Reboots are all the rage nowadays. You’re telling me Netflix or Amazon wouldn’t pick up a 10-episode season Even Stevens reboot? At least give it a try? They would. 1000% they would. No one from that show went on to do anything great. They’re all just sitting around waiting for the reboot to happen. The character Beans is making a living being a goddamn mall elf. Bring the gang back together and get Shia out of the elevator. Please.