Did Isaiah Thomas Just Successfully Recruit Al Horford?


So far, it’s been a brutally quiet trade deadline for the Celtics faithful. But then, we got that little hit we were all craving.


Now, is there a chance this is just a play for #pageviews? Perhaps. If we are seeing it on Twitter there’s no way it happens right? Most likely. But, then you think back to this weekend…

If it’s true I love it (as we wait to see what the price was). I love it for two reasons. One, Horford makes this team 100x better, and second, Isaiah actually brought someone in. Because make no mistake about it. If this trade happens, it’s because Horford committed to resigning after this year. Partly I want this to be true so I can hear someone’s argument on how we need a superstar in order to attract any talent. That will be fun to listen to.

But, until I see it from Woj, I will remain skeptical. This deadline man, brutal