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The First Sunday Without Football And I'm Sitting Here Watching Chris Berman Suck At Golf




2 things. 1) How the fuck is Chris Berman this bad at golf? Doesn’t he play like 100 times a year? If you play golf more than 20 times in a single calendar year you can’t suck. You can be not good, but you can’t be laughably bad, otherwise you should just quit. People who suck at golf don’t play golf because being a really bad golfer is one of the least enjoyable activities in the world, signed a guy who sucks at golf and just goes to drink with his friends 3 times a summer.


2) I miss football so so much. I just caught myself watching the Bengals/Seahawks replay from Week 5 on NFL Network. Didn’t change the channel for 15 minutes, just stuck in the football rabbit hole watching a replay of a meaningless regular season game from October. Fuck.