I Think We're Approaching A "Weekend At Bernie's" Situation With Bill Clinton

Feits blogged this after Iowa and last night after New Hampshire things got even worse. Bill Clinton with his mouth agape lookin to catch flies. His little baked bean teeth stickin out and his turkey neck goin gobble gobble. Staring blankly at his loser wife again after a 200 year old Jew beat her again. I think we officially gotta declare Bill Clinton dead. It pains me to say. It happened fast. But I think its true. Feels like just yesterday I was blogging about how he tried to fuck Jackie Kennedy and how he refused to wear condoms.  Now he looks like your grandpa who shits in his adult diapers.

Its like watching Kobe chuck up air balls out there every night. You never thought this day would come but its here. Everyone is making jokes like “I’ll have what he’s having” because its Bill Clinton and it seems more appropriate to say he’s on drugs and having a good time than to admit he looks like hes demented and belongs in an Old Folks Home. But the truth is, Bill Clinton looks like he fucked himself into bolivian. Hasn’t brushed his teeth in about 6 months and shitting in his adult diapers. It looks like he’s a puppet with someone propping him up and moving his mouth. It hurts to see one of the all time greats go out like this, but Bill Clinton’s days as a World Class Stick Man are done. Its over. Goodnight the lights. You had an all time run, Bill, but its time you stay behind closed doors from now on.