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You're Lying If You Say You Wouldn't Eat This 6 Year Old Happy Meal That Hasn't Decomposed At All

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Refinery- On February 3, Jennifer Lovdahl, who runs a chiropractic office in Anchorage, Alaska, posted some amateur food photography on Facebook. But she wasn’t trying to paint her McDonald’s Happy Meal in an appetizing light — she claims the still-intact French fries and nuggets are six years old. She explained in the post that she had kept the fast food on her desk for six years for a reason. “We did this experiment to show our patients how unhealthy this ‘food’ is. Especially for our growing children!! There are so many chemicals in this food!” she wrote. 




I gotta tell ya, I understand the message this lady is trying to get across, but all I can think about is how I would 100% eat those chicken nuggets and fries. Get me a microwave, some BBQ sauce, some ketchup and we’re feasting.  You could probably even convince me it was fresh. I feel bad for this Mom. Her goal with this entire experiment was so 6 years down the road she could cry foul on Facebook about how disgusting McDonalds food is and how it will hurt your children. So many Likes. Instead, we’re all just impressed at how great McDonalds food looks after sitting in a drawer for 6 years. I’d be so much more weirded out if the food had mold all over it. That image would push me closer to never eating at the golden arches than it looking the same after 6 years. It actually looks better than a normal order. It looks commercial ready. This might sound stupid but since the chemicals in the food are anti-aging don’t I want those chemicals in my body? Then I won’t age. The other take away is that I’m heading straight to McDonalds when the zombie apocalypse hits and stocking my house full Big Macs. The food never ever goes bad. Wins all around for eating McDonalds. Nice try, Overprotective Facebook Mom.