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A Guy's Revenge On His Best Friend For Dating His Ex-Girlfriend Is Some Psycho Shit

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Uproxx – Breakups are hard enough as it is, but it’s especially difficult when your ex quickly moves on with another person, and even worse when that person is a close friend. One particularly scorned guy with the username “PM_me_your_Jeep” wrote on Reddit last week that he had recently learned that his ex-fiancée and would-be best man were now dating. Unfortunately for the best man, before getting cozy with his buddy’s ex, he had left his Nintendo Wii at the injured party’s house, and in the above Imgur slideshow, you can see how Jeep guy “made sure to get it back to him.”

Like a good friend, he was diligent to package the gaming console up very securely using “600 zip ties of various lengths and two rolls of Gorilla tape,” as well as metal garden fencing, packing peanuts, trash, and glitter.


I have a real love-hate relationship with these things that go viral from people jilted by an ex who need to extract their revenge. Like with the two chicks catching the guy cheating on both of them last week, I fully get being upset and angry and wanting some way of evening things out after you get fucked over. But what the hell is the point of this? Hundreds of zip ties and glitter and a 20 image gallery uploaded for Reddit karma and this somehow makes you the winner of the breakup? These two found love and are having amazing acrobatic sex every day while laughing at a picture of this dude’s face (the hints of cuckolding turn them on, I’m not judging) and he thinks some fucking glitter and zip tying Wii Sports to a fence is somehow evening that out. Just a total dipshit move to the point where I feel like he probably had this coming.


Also doing this is almost definitely 1,000 times creepier than even other agreed-upon psycho shit like a dramatic Facebook status or sending them both texts to kill themselves. If you gave me someone taking two seconds to hate me and send a shitty text or key my car, whatever, that’s a totally normal passion-turned-hate situation. But spending hours buying things to make my life temporarily more inconvenient with glitter all over everything? There’s just no human logic to that, who knows what you’re capable of if your brain doesn’t work like the rest of us? The only acceptable times to deploy glitter are when gay people protest things, children make arts and crafts, and strippers need to ruin lives for years after you were actually in the club. Anything else is a giant sparkly red flag.