And Here We Have Eagles C Jason Kelce Crushing The Karaoke Game At McGillians

On my home turf, no less! Wait a sec, this is on a Wednesday of their playoff week why is he…oh, yeah. I forgot. Do you, Kelce. Do you well. We’ve seen #62 has some serious pipes on here before. It’s nice to see it carry over onto the Karaoke stage. If anything you and the partner gotta tighten up the execution. And by that I mean less Bonnie Tyler and a LOT more The Dan Band on Total Eclipse Of The Heart. That’s not even considered a song anymore unless a “I fucking need ya more than ever!” is used.

Also, another major complaint is there’s not enough Cracker in this jam. I know Kelce’s too cool for school, but mix in a little move like this for us drunk Honkeys out there:

whiteness (1)

Still easily the whitest karaoke game in the known universe, and still don’t know how to feel about is.