New Rules In The Paralympics Forbid Athletes From Sitting On Their Own Scrotums - Daily Mail

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Wheelchair-bound athletes could face tougher checks at next year’s Rio Paralympics to stop them risking their health by sitting on their scrotums, or clamping off catheters to fill their bladders, in order to boost adrenaline and performance. Officials said on Tuesday the International Paralympic Committee is reviewing guidelines against “boosting”, a practice employed by some athletes with spinal cord injuries. Banned for more than a decade, it does not use any artificial stimulants. Instead, it involves tricking the brain into triggering “autonomic dysreflexia” (AD), causing the body to flush with adrenaline to achieve more power and greater oxygen uptake during races. Squeezing the scrotum or filling and then tapping the bladder are the most common external stimuli to induce AD, resulting in elevated heart rates and blood pressure. Research shows deliberately induced AD can enhance athletic performance by as much as 10 percent, especially in endurance events such as long-distance wheelchair races.

I’m all for the Paralympics remaining pure and fair. No performance enhancing drugs or any cheating should be tolerated. But I am not seeing the problem with guys who choose to sit on their own ballsacks. Here’s the way I see it – every presumably has a pair of balls. If you wanted to, you could sit on your own scrotum too. Its just about how bad you want it. The guy who’s willing to crush his nuts for an extra 10% blood flow and adrenaline is just a winner. Dude just wants it more.

Now again, I gotta throw the disclaimer out there that every Paralympian needs a pair of nuts that they cant feel. If one dude can feel his balls and the other cant, thats just an uneven playing field. But if we’re talking all men competing with no feeling from the waist down, I dont understand why you wouldnt sit on your nuts to go the extra mile.

PS – How are they gonna even check this? Gonna watch everyone get into their chairs like “Alright, tuck your sack up…annnnd you’re good. Have a good race!”

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