Sauce Castillo Draining 3's With Food And Other Inanimate Objects Is A Comforting Sight

Swish! What a steal this #8 overall pick is going to be for this squad. If the Sauce can drain volleyballs, cabbage, and watermelons with ease from the HS 3-point line then I have no doubts he can sink with a basketball from anywhere on the court. All about the muscle memory and this kid just might be a Kyle Korver that can actually move around. Also, that full grown Eddie Munster pronouncing cauliflower as COLLIE-flour made me a lot more mad that it should have. He needed to be corrected off that dialogue of douche after the 8th time he said it wrong.

Seriously though, I can’t wait to watch this kid drain it from everywhere on the court. Think about this squad next year: Nerlens dominating the D down below. Okafor coming off a manchild ROY campaign. Saric finally becomes an American. Embiid learns how to walk again. Spend big FA money on a PG. Sauce dropping buckets from the moon. I don’t care if Vegas has them winning a league low 21.5 games this season. 2016-2017 is when the tits are gonna start meeting the grits.

Long live the Sauce (It would be nice to have a t-shirt to link to and buy but somebody upstairs no likey, along with a lot of other Philly shirt ideas).