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PC Bro Is Not Going To Like This Carl's Jr Commercial With Hot Girls In Bikinis Playing Volleyball Over The USA/Mexico Border

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.22.48 PM

That’s what I love about Carl’s Jr. You think places like McDonalds or other “mainsteam” fast food joints would be able to get away with this? Hell no. But Carl’s Jr keeps on going with it. They have super model after super model in their commercials, people get mad, and they make the next one even better. They’ve had Samantha Hoopes, Charlotte McKinney, Sara Underwood, and a slew of other chicks. They aren’t going to stop no matter what PC Bro says, they can woo woo woo all they want. Sex sells. Hot chicks eating burgers gets clicks. Asses put asses in seats. Rinse, repeat, profit.

PS: Team Tex or Team Mex, hard to go wrong.

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