Golfer Lady Gets A Mouthful Of Sand When She Tries To Back Flip Into A Bunker





Well that’s a new one.  Anybody who has ever gotten drunk on a golf course has done a few stupid things.  Accidentally drive up on the green, flip the cart, hit a ball into the street that runs along the fairway on purpose to see it bounce, throw the pin at your buddy like its a spear, etc, etc. But I’d venture to guess back flipping into a bunker is one that doesn’t happen too often and we just saw why.  99 times out of 100 you’re either gonna break your neck or eat a mouthful of sand.  How about that lady pretending she was an Olympic gymnast though?  Collect herself, toes on the edge, arms straight in the air annnnnnnnnnd face plant. A few more degrees of rotation and she had it. I’ll respect it even more if we come to find out she refused to get up.  She just laid there the rest of the day and let every group play through.