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Here's Something I Learned Today - Matthew McConaughey's Brother, Rooster McConaughey, Loves Beer So Much That He Named His Son Miller Lyte


(Source) Matthew McConaughey’s older brother Michael, who goes by “Rooster,” may be a self-made millionaire, and a star in his own right with the hit new reality series “West Texas Investors Club” – but he still loves some free merch. Rooster McConaughey loves beer so much much that he named his own son Miller Lyte, reports TMZ. It might sound outlandish, but apparently the older McConaughey is always seen with a can of his favorite beer in hand. 

Little Miller is nine now but Miller’s parent company SABMiller, only recently caught wind of the branded moniker.  To reward McConaughey’s brand loyalty, SABmiller—which may soon merge with its biggest competitor and fellow beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev—is sending Rooster 24 cases of Miller Lite, what the beer maker considers to be a year’s supply. At 24 cans per case, that’s 576 beers total—or 1 and a half beers a day… so it might not last the diehard Miller fan more than a few months but hey, free beer is free beer.

And although McConaughey loves his beer, it turns out he has a major soft spot for another one of America’s favorite adult beverages. Miller Lyte has an older sister named Margarita Olympia– but it turns out this was actually a family name. Great coincidence.  Scroll to the 6:20 mark to hear McConaughey talk about the decision to name his son Miller. 





Hey Rooster, do you drink or something, bro? I don’t know what’s more incredible about this story. The fact that Matthew McConaughey has a hick brother named Rooster or the fact that Rooster loves beer so god damn much that he named his son after Miller Lite (with a y though so it’s totally cool). But you know what is crazy, when I read the headline I immediately said to myself, fuck this guy, people who name their children unique names are selfish dickheads. But the second Rooster opened his mouth and started talking about his litter of kids and Miller Lyte, it all fit. So therein lies the lesson. If you name your child after a beer you better be a the biggest hick in the world who is never seen more than 20 feet away from a can of that beer, otherwise you’re a fake and a fraud and everyone will hate your guts. Rooster here though, he gets a pass. Feels like the type of guy who spends his entire life drinking Miller Lite while digging for oil in the plains of Texas. Having a son named Miller Lyte works for him, it weirdly is completely natural, which I guess is the nicest way you can tell someone they are a raging alcoholic.



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