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Kam Chancellor Ends Holdout Just In Time To Demolish The Bears On Sunday

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“Kam, welcome back, glad to have you, let’s work you back slowly, get you up to game speed, we’ll have you start this week in our final preseason game against the Chicago Bears“.




I want to say that was the weakest holdout of all time by Kam Chancellor but he’s also not a dumb person. He understood what was coming. The first 2 weeks played out perfectly for him, 0-2 and the once dominant Seattle Defense didn’t look as tough as it normally does. Well guess what, when Kam saw that the Chicago Bears and Jimmy Clausen were coming to town he realized that same D was about to EAT. You just can’t sit out a game when you have the potential to grab 4 picks and a million tackles. The Bears going to Seattle is an all you can eat buffet for everyone on that Defense, only a fool misses out on a buffet, that’s just a fact. So welcome back Kam, just in time to beat the piss out of the Bears, gonna be so much fun!



Just throw this on repeat, going to be such a great Sunday afternoon.

*Camera shaking from crowd noise while it shows John Fox’s bright red frantic face*





Loved Schefty tweeting this. Ima, what’s an Ima? And who’s Dawg?


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