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Joe Maddon Had An A+ Rant After Yesterday's Game, Calling Out The Cardinals On Their Bullshit



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I can’t really express to you how much I loved this rant by Joe Maddon. And don’t get this confused, this is more than simply throwing at guys and the bullshit “unwritten rules” that the Cardinals think they own. This is about sending a message to his own club, that the Cubs are here and we’re not afraid of the Cardinals. We’re not afraid of their success or the fact that they think they own how to play the “right way”. I hate the Cardinals with the fire of a thousand suns but I obviously can’t ignore their Championships and Division Crowns, they’ve been at the top for quite some time now. But Joe Maddon doesn’t care about the past, he has no proble stepping up to the bully and saying, go ahead, try us, we aren’t going anywhere. This is our time and we’re not going to let you intimidate us with all this bullshit. I love this man and I love what he has done to this team. We Are Good.






How about Starlin with the all time Pimp Job. LEAN BACK








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