First Look At Jason Pierre Paul's Mangled Hand

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Daily News – Photos exclusively obtained by the Daily News show Pierre-Paul without a bandage for the first time, and he certainly doesn’t look ready to play any time soon. Shocking images show a weary-looking JPP with his knuckle protruding from where his right index finger used to be and bandages on his thumb and middle finger.

I have a confession to make. And its a bad one. Im ashamed to admit it. Because I never really wish ill will upon anyone or what anything bad to happen to them, but I’ve been dying to see JPP’s paw. Like the sick fucked up little kid in me who used to watch Faces of Death on the internet. I actually found myself thinking at times “I’m gonna be pissed if this guy’s hand is fine.” Which is fucking sick, I admit it. But its just like watching a trainwreck. There was so much hype around it that the internet basically had everyone thinking he got his whole arm chopped off, Luke Skywalker style.

Well heres a first look, at to be honest, it kinda lived up to the hype. That is one fucked up hand. I was really convinced, just like everything else, this was going to be exaggerated. But nope. That index finger is gone. That thumb is a stump. That is one jacked up hand. If JPP wasn’t the size of a bear he’d look like the guy from Scary Movie

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 2.12.54 PM

And even that guy technically had all 5 digits. Bottom line is that dude definitely blew up his hand. There was no exaggerating about that tale. That shit was blown up.

Best of luck to JPP. Having both thumbs is usually pretty important but I would feel terrible for the dude if he never got that pay day all over some fourth of July stupidity.

PS – Never forget when Twitter first reacted to this news. The World Wide Web was RUTHLESS to him