Chris Simms Trying To Be Skip Bayless And Say Ball Boy Reinstatement Proves Brady's Guilt Is The Most Pathetic Thing I've Ever Seen




Holy shit was that tough to watch. You know a rant, or “take,” is crazy when it makes me think “Wow, Skip and Stephen A are actually pretty amazing.” Because you can tell Simms doesn’t believe a word he’s saying here. You can tell he was told, “Hey come up with a hot take and let’s go viral. Go at Pats fans, they’re real up in arms right now.” My god, man. That was legitimately sad. When Skip and Stephen A act insane they’re at least convincing. You think they really believe the nonsense they’re screaming. This looks like it was scribbled up in two seconds and then just shouted. The ball boys reinstatement proves Brady is guilty because low level employees who did nothing wrong would be fired? Work harder, Chris. Work a lot harder.



And don’t take me posting this as being upset or outraged. I’m not. I’m posting this so we can collectively laugh at Simms.