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From Here Until The Parade I'm Eating Nothing But Mets Pancakes For Breakfast


Mesmerizing. Reminds me of that chick who paints the elephants upside down during commercial breaks for Boomer and Carton. I didnt even understand how that was gonna be the Mets logo until – PRESTO – fucking Mets flapjack all up in your grill piece.

Reminds me of how far this team has come. Remember my Mets toaster from 2012? The one I got for my birthday?

and then the thing was broken by opening day?

Well look how far we’ve come. From 74-88, finishing 24 games behind the Nationals with SHITTY toasters to 83-61 with a 9.5 game lead and fucking masterpiece pancakes. Just gotta figure out how to design these masterpiece pancakes and I’ll be eating like a king from now till the Mets World Series.