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Giants Fan Reacts To Tony Romo's Game Winning Touchdown Last Night

The Braves have lost a bazillion games in the past month. The Phillies are abominable. The Yankees slowly slipping away in the AL East, maybe out of the playoffs all together.

And the Giants losing the worst game imaginable week 1.

As the resident Mets/Jets/Isles and Hater Of The Year, I dont know whats best. I’m basically drowning in all my least favorite teams sorrow. Schadenfreude out my ass right now. I just need the Patriots plane to explode on their first road game and the world will be right with the Hate in my blood. Mets can’t lose and every other franchise I loathe with all my heart just embarrassing themselves. If you’re a J.I.M. fan and your heart, mind and soul runs on hate like me, right now is the perfect storm. Live it up.